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David Fox

This '87 GT is actually my 3rd Fiero.I found this one while looking for an engine for my second Fiero.It was too good of a deal to pass up,so it came home with me.Plans for this car include a 4.9 Cadillac V8.

My First Fiero was a 1984 red base coupe that I got brand new as a birthday present for my 16th birthday.I kept it for a little over 3 years,and sold it in 1987.I regretted selling it as it was driving away.

Flash forward 20 years... In April of 2007 a buddy who was moving out of the country gave(yes...gave)me his 1986 Fiero GT. He knew I had been wanting another one for some time...and since this one needed a motor and was pretty rough,he didn't think he could sell it for much,so he decided to just let me have it.My initial plans were to put it on the road asap,and slowly fix it up as a first car for my son.When I found the '87 GT,those plans took a drastic change.

After a lot of investigating and such,I decided that it would take way more cash to get this car looking nice,than it would to just buy him a nice,complete Fiero when he gets closer to getting ready to drive(he won't get his license until 2013,lol).

I decided that the '86 is going to hold a future as a drag strip toy.It will be basically stripped down to a shell with a cage and a drivetrain.